Le Nouveau Port Normandy

About The New Port

The New Port is a home for encounter and inspiration, meant for everyone. A place to eat, drink, sleep and meet. A place to exchange ideas and inspiring stories. A warm place, a place to rest, and a place to renew yourself. Homes where you meet other people, to sharpen your mind and challenge your thinking. After years of experience in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, we have expanded to other symbolic coastal locations; Valencia, Normandy, and Zeeland.

Bringing Europe together

Our ambition is to become a home for encounter and inspiration for all Europeans, where we’ll come together seeking the anchors of western civilization. We accomplish this through our homes at symbolic coastal locations like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Normandy, Valencia, and Zeeland. By going back to old sources from the library of the bible to the social contract of Rousseau, we learn to understand our roots, while gaining insight into Europe’s desired path for the future. We want to transcend national borders and bring Europe together.

To learn, to serve, to celebrate

Our Homes are multifunctional, built on three foundational principles: learning, serving and celebrating. We serve all of society in our hotels and restaurants, ran by professionals and people who deserve a chance to reintegrate in society. Together, our homes also form the European campus of The New University, where we seek to learn from and inspire people in all layers of society. Lastly, The New Tradition is a result of our commitment to reshaping today’s rituals for mourning and celebrating.


A relaxed vacation in Spain, an inspiring lecture in Amsterdam or historical sightseeing in Normandy? We’ve got you covered. Please let us know how we can be of assistance